A Complete Guide to Finding Your Perfect Ring Size

Rings are more than just accessories; they’re symbols of commitment, self-expression, and cherished memories. But finding an accurate ring size can feel like going around a maze of charts, string measurements, and advice from well-meaning (but not always accurate) sources. Do not worry, here is a complete guide to finding your perfect ring size.

Why does choosing the right size matter?

A properly sized ring goes beyond just looks. It guarantees:

  • Comfort: A ring that’s too tight can feel uncomfortable and a loose ring might slip off easily, causing trouble and potential loss.
  • Durability: A ring that fits properly stays in place, minimizing the risk of getting damaged or lost during daily activities.
  • Style: A well-fitting ring complements your hand and enhances the overall look of the piece. It allows the ring’s design to shine without being overshadowed by sizing issues.

Exploring your sizing options

Getting professionally sized at a trustworthy jeweler, such as Rick Terry Jewelry, is the ultimate way to ensure accuracy and comfort. However, we can suggest other methods as a good starting point or to use in certain situations.


  1. At-home methods:

These can be helpful as initial reference points, but remember, they are not substitutes for professional sizing:

  • Printable ring size charts: These charts show circles of various diameters representing different ring sizes. You can print one, cut out the circles, and slip them onto your finger. However, due to variations in printing scale and individual finger shapes, these charts can be less precise.
  • String or paper measurement: Wrap a thin string or strip of paper around the base of your finger, marking the spot where the ends meet. Measure the distance and compare it to a ring-size chart. This method requires careful measurement and can be impacted by the string’s thickness and pressure used while wrapping.
  • Existing ring: If you have a ring that fits you well, you can measure its inner diameter and compare it to the chart. This method assumes the ring is the correct size for you and the chart is accurate.
  1. Professional sizing:

This is the most recommended option for guaranteed comfort and confidence. Our trained jewelers at Rick Terry Jewelry utilize specialized tools and knowledge to measure your finger accurately, considering factors like knuckle size and recommending the ideal size for your chosen ring style. This personalized approach ensures the perfect fit for any ring, whether it’s a delicate band, a statement piece, or a family heirloom.


Tips for accurate sizing


  • Multiple measurements: Your finger size can fluctuate throughout the day and across seasons. Take multiple measurements at different times (morning, evening, warm, and cold) and consider the average for a more accurate result.
  • Knuckle size: Don’t just focus on the base of your finger. Ensure the ring can comfortably slide over your knuckle without getting stuck.
  • Temperature: Cold fingers tend to shrink slightly. Avoid measuring when your hands are cold.
  • Ring style: Wide bands or stackable rings may require slightly different sizing considerations compared to narrow bands.

While at-home methods can be a starting point, especially for discreetly determining someone else’s size, professional sizing is always the most recommended option for accurate and comfortable ring wear. Schedule a consultation with us at Rick Terry Jewelry to experience our expertise and discover the ideal fit for any piece in our extensive collection.

Considerations for specific ring types:

  • Wide bands: Due to the larger surface area, wide bands may feel slightly snugger compared to narrower rings of the same size. Consider going up half a size for wide bands to ensure optimal comfort.
  • Stackable rings: When wearing multiple stackable rings together, the combined width can impact comfort. It’s advisable to size individual stackable rings slightly larger than you would typically wear them to ensure they fit comfortably when stacked. This may require professional guidance to achieve the ideal balance between individual and stacked ring comfort.

Are you traveling outside the US? Check the ring size standards in the region! 

While there exists an international standard for ring sizes when finding your perfect ring size, slight variations might happen in how different countries and regions represent these sizes. If you’re outside of the US or using an international size chart, it’s crucial to consult with our experts to ensure you’re selecting the correct size.


Choosing the perfect ring size for someone else

This amazing gesture comes with the element of surprise. Here are some discreet options to consider:

Borrow a Ring: Discreetly borrow one of their existing rings and use a chart to measure the inner diameter of the ring. Ensure you choose one they wear regularly and that fits them comfortably. However, be mindful of the ring’s style.

Ask Close Friends or Family: Seek help from their close circle, keeping the surprise under wraps. Explain your intentions and ensure they understand the importance of discretion.

Observe Their Rings: Pay close attention to the rings they wear and how they fit. If their rings spin freely or seem loose, consider a slightly smaller size. Conversely, if their rings appear tight or leave indentations, a slightly larger size might be suitable.

Remember, this is not a foolproof method, and professional sizing is always recommended for a guaranteed perfect fit.


Rick Terry Jewelry is your trusted partner in finding the perfect fit

At Rick Terry Jewelry, we understand the importance of wearing jewelry. Our passionate and experienced team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and expert guidance. We offer:


  • Professional sizing: Using specialized tools and their expertise, our jewelers will ensure an accurate and comfortable fit for any ring in our extensive collection.
  • Personalized consultations: We believe in taking the time to understand your needs and preferences. Our staff will answer your questions, guide you through the sizing process, and recommend rings that complement your style. Contact us here!
  • Wide selection of rings: We offer a diverse collection of rings in various styles, materials, and sizes, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Want to see our gallery? Click here
  • Relaxing and welcoming atmosphere: Our store is designed to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you.

Finding the best ring size doesn’t have to be a challenge. Visit us today or schedule a consultation with one of our expert jewelers to experience the Rick Terry Jewelry difference finding your perfect ring size. We are committed to helping you with your ring shopping!

Discover the joy of wearing jewelry that fits you perfectly and expresses your unique style.