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At Rick Terry Jewelry, we know that the journey towards marital bliss is not just an event, but a memory in the making. With our Custom Bridal service, we are committed to honoring the uniqueness of your love story by crafting the most stunning and personally symbolic jewelry pieces.

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A Personalized Journey to Unforgettable Creations

Our Custom Bridal service is more than a simple jewelry crafting process—it’s a heartfelt journey. It’s an intimate exploration that weaves together your dreams, aspirations, and most treasured moments, transforming them into a physical emblem of your love and commitment.

Every piece we create is a testament to the beauty of your unique love story, a symbol that you can wear, touch, and treasure as a reminder of your shared bond.

Tailoring Elegance to Your Love Story

At Rick Terry Jewelry, we recognize and celebrate the beautiful fact that no two love stories are the same. Therefore, your bridal jewelry should be just as unique and individual as the love it represents.

Our Custom Bridal service gives you the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our team of master artisans and experienced designers. This partnership is a journey of co-creation, allowing you to shape each aspect of the design from selecting the perfect gemstones and precious metals, to defining every elegant curve and sparkling facet. Each decision you make, each detail you choose, serves to reflect your personal narrative, resulting in a finished piece that resonates deeply with your individual style and shared story.

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Your Story, Your Ideas, Our Craftsmanship

The journey towards your custom bridal jewelry begins with you and your ideas. Our designers initiate the process by meeting with you, lending an ear to your ideas, and visually expressing your concepts through detailed sketches. At this stage, we invite you to share your story, your style preferences, and your dreams, which serve as our blueprint.

Bringing Your Vision to Life Digitally + Crafting a Tangible Model

After initial sketches, we translate your concepts into our state-of-the-art CAD software. This l allows our designers to illustrate your design on the computer with the help of special renders, providing us a precise digital depiction of your envisioned jewelry. Once the designs are perfected, our milling machine works its magic. It carves out the image into a to-scale and to-size wax model for our jewelers to inspect. This wax model serves as a tangible representation of your custom piece, providing an opportunity to review the design and make any necessary adjustments before proceeding to the next stage. During your second design appointment, we will review the prototype, digital designs and the quote for production together.

From Wax to Precious Metal

The approved wax model is then used in the lost wax casting process to cast your custom piece in your choice of metal. This transformation from wax to metal breathes life into your design, resulting in a piece of jewelry that’s starting to resemble the finished product.

The Finishing Touches

The final phase of the process is setting the stone or stones, if applicable. Our skilled artisans handle this delicate task with meticulous care, ensuring that every gem finds its perfect place. We then fine-tune every detail, polishing and finishing the piece to perfection.

Delivering Perfection

When we are confident that every detail mirrors your vision and our high standards of craftsmanship, we present the finished piece to you. This is the culmination of your dreams, ideas, and our expertise—a symbol of your love and commitment crafted to stand the test of time.

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If you are ready to take the next step and sit down with one of our Master Jewellers to discuss creating the perfect customized engagement ring book a consultation now to get started.

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Tailoring Elegance to Your Love Story

At Rick Terry Jewelry, we recognize and celebrate the beautiful fact that no two love stories are the same. Therefore, your bridal jewelry should be just as unique and individual as the love it represents.

Create a unique symbol of your love for the day you share your “I do’s.” Our master jewellers specialize in custom wedding rings for both the bride and groom. We use the same process for all custom jewelry and your design options are limitless!

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If you are ready to sit with us and talk about your custom wedding rings, we can begin creating your custom pieces in time for your wedding day. Schedule a consultation with us today!

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Made to order

We offer our custom jewelry services for any budget. At Rick Terry Jewelry, we have partnered with jewelry manufacturers to offer a more economical value for our clients. Our Made to Order Service will allow you to customize your jewelry with prefabricated styles to choose from that we assemble in house to reflect your own personal style without breaking the bank!

If you are interested in our made to order custom jewelry contact us today to learn more!

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Men’s Wedding Bands

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Our primary vendor, Benchmark Rings, offer a wide selection of wedding bands for every personal style.

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