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Every piece of jewelry is a work of art, meticulously crafted to enchant and endure. But beyond their striking beauty, their resilience is of paramount importance, particularly when it comes to prongs and tips of gemstone settings. These seemingly minute elements play a critical role in securing your precious stones and ensuring the longevity of your jewelry. At Rick Terry Jewelry Designs, we offer specialized ‘Prongs and Tips’ services to keep your jewelry in its finest condition, maintaining the secure hold on your treasured diamonds and gemstones.



Keep you R Jewelry’s Prongs & Tips In Their Best Shape

Understanding the Significance of Prongs and Tips

The prongs and tips of a setting are akin to the guardians of your precious stones. They are the tiny metal pieces that fold over the edge of the gemstone, holding it securely in place. While they are built to last, the rigors of everyday wear and tear can compromise their strength over time. That’s why routine maintenance and prong re-tipping are essential to prevent the loss of your valuable diamonds or gemstones.

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Prongs and Tips Services at Rick Terry Jewelry Designs

At Rick Terry Jewelry Designs, we hold the security of your precious stones as our topmost priority. Our expert jewelers are trained to inspect your jewelry mountings, prongs, and tips for any damage, wear, or defects that might jeopardize the stability of your diamonds and gemstones. This rigorous inspection forms the bedrock of our ‘Prongs and Tips’ services.

Once we identify any areas of concern, our team undertakes prong re-tipping or replacement as needed. Prong re-tipping involves adding metal to the worn-out tips of the prongs, thereby restoring their strength and grip. If the prong’s wear is beyond repair, we replace it entirely to ensure the security of your gemstones. We treat each piece of jewelry as unique, meticulously preserving its original design and aesthetic appeal while improving its durability.

Why Choose Our Prongs and Tips Services:

Choosing our ‘Prongs and Tips’ services means entrusting your precious pieces to experienced hands. With years of expertise, our master jewelers know the nuances of different types of settings, whether it’s a classic prong setting, a sophisticated bezel setting, or an intricate pave setting. This understanding enables us to offer you services tailored to your jewelry’s unique characteristics.

Moreover, we also understand that jewelry is more than its monetary value. It often holds sentimental value and is tied to treasured memories. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with a service that not only improves the longevity of your jewelry but also preserves its sentimental essence.

With our ‘Prongs and Tips’ services at Rick Terry Jewelry Designs, you can wear your jewelry with confidence, knowing that your precious diamonds and gemstones are secure. We are devoted to ensuring that your treasured pieces continue to mesmerize, reflecting your style and creating lasting impressions.

Trust us with the care and preservation of your cherished jewelry. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your precious pieces are in expert hands at Rick Terry Jewelry Designs. Our commitment to excellence and passion for fine jewelry are the cornerstones of our ‘Prongs and Tips’ services, promising you nothing less than the best.

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