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Welcome to Rick Terry Jewelry Designs, your premier destination for quality jewelry in West Knoxville. We know that the best jewels are those that hold personal meaning and reflect your unique sense of style. That’s why we offer our exclusive “Made-to-Order” jewelry, where we can modify new and pre-existing materials in a semi-custom process.

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Our Made-to-Order service combines the charm of customization with the convenience of pre-manufactured parts. It’s a streamlined, budget-friendly way to craft a piece that feels truly special and tailor-made to you.

Our expert jewelers and sales staff skilfully piece together high-quality components right in our workshop, resulting in stunning jewelry that embodies your vision.

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Choosing our made-to-order jewelry process means stepping into the designer’s seat. You’ll select from a wide array of pre-made components, like beautiful gemstones, exquisite settings, and varied chain styles, to create your perfect piece.

Whether it’s a magnificent pendant necklace for your upcoming anniversary, an elegant set of stud earrings as a birthday treat for yourself, or a thoughtful charm bracelet to celebrate a milestone, our Made-to-Order process ensures a quick and seamless journey to fit your dream jewelry.

At Rick Terry Jewelry Designs, we believe in making extraordinary jewelry accessible. Made-to-Order not only offers cost-effective luxury but also ensures you receive your new favorite accessory in no time. Because we piece together pre-manufactured parts in-house, we’re able to reduce wait times and deliver your order faster than traditional custom designs.

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Explore our Made-to-Order service today and experience the delight of wearing jewelry that’s been crafted with care, specifically for you. It’s your story – let Rick Terry Jewelry Designs help you tell it beautifully. Begin your fast-track journey to unique, affordable customized luxury now.

Need Something Totally Custom?

We offer our custom jewelry services for any budget. At Rick Terry Jewelry, we have partnered with jewelry distributes to offer a more economical value for our clients. Our Made to Order Service will allow you to customize your jewelry with prefabricated styles to choose from that we assemble in house to reflect your own personal style without breaking the bank!

If you are interested in our made to order custom jewelry contact us today to learn more!

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