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Every goldsmith, at their core, needs to have a masterful command over chain repair. It’s more than just fixing a broken link. It involves the understanding of the chain’s architecture, comprehending the design, and tailoring a repair method that maintains its original allure. Chains, with their varying structures and designs, each present a unique challenge, and our goldsmiths rise to it, ensuring a successful repair each time.

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Clasp Replacement:

One of the key components of chain repair is Clasp Replacement. A seemingly simple component, clasps, or the mechanisms that enable you to fasten your chains and bracelets, come in various styles and metals. The nuances of each clasp type significantly impact the longevity, appearance, and usability of your jewelry. Here at Rick Terry Jewelry Designs, we offer a variety of clasp types, each with its unique benefits and aesthetic appeal:


Spring Ring Clasp: The spring ring clasp is an industry standard, popular for its cost-effectiveness, and minimalist design. Its function is based on a spring mechanism that opens and closes a hollow circle structure. Though not the most robust, it provides an affordable and discreet fastening solution for more delicate jewelry designs.

Lobster Clasp: Resembling a lobster claw, the lobster clasp is a more durable and secure alternative to the spring ring. It leverages a spring-loaded bottom metal portion, facilitating a smooth locking and unlocking process. While slightly more expensive than the spring ring clasp, its robustness more than makes up for the cost.

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Box Clasp: An intricately designed clasp, the box clasp is typically employed in pearl necklaces or thicker chains due to its wide and decorative structure. The box clasp is a complex yet charming design, commanding a higher price and installation labor, but rewarding with a stunning appearance and sturdy construction.

Toggle clasp: A toggle clasp adds a touch of ornate simplicity to your jewelry. It comprises a loop and a stick that secures itself against the loop’s circular edge. Despite being visually appealing and easy to remove, it can be easily opened due to its design, posing a risk to the security of the chain.

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Understanding the importance of materials in chain repair is crucial. While common materials like gold and silver are widely available, certain high karat items like 24k gold or platinum are not as readily available. Components made from these metals may need to be special ordered or manufactured, which we’re more than capable of handling.

At Rick Terry Jewelry Designs, we put our customers first. We understand that jewelry often has significant emotional value, making our repair service not just about mending physical items, but also about preserving precious memories. Trust us to handle your beloved pieces with the care they deserve, restoring their former glory while ensuring their future durability. Schedule a time to meet with us, and we’ll provide the care and expertise your treasured pieces deserve.

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